Friendships in a Small Town

Delighted and gratified to announce that my poem, “Friendships in a Small Town,” is in the latest issue of Love & Ensuing Madness from the Rat’s Ass Review.  Thank you, Roderick Bates, editor of Rat’s Ass Review, who has been wonderful to work with. 

Forthcoming Poetry

I’m happy to announce that some wonderful editors will be publishing my poems in the near future.  I’ll be posting live links whenever these become available.  Here’s what’s coming: “Friendships in a Small Town” Rat’s Ass Review–Love & Ensuing Madness (July) “Love’s Wrong Turn” and “Winter Made the Trees Suffer.”  Sick Lit Magazine  (September)  “Pleasure” … Continue reading Forthcoming Poetry


I succeeded in writing 30 poems in 30 days through the month of April.  I stopped posting them here; instead, posted them in a secret Facebook group that has provided a great deal of advice, encouragement, and comfort to me.  Poetry is a wonderful way to connect with other people. 

Piaku for Pi Day 3 Library 1 work 4 today is this: 1 each 5 art book brought to the 9 scale.  Weighing topic, format, date, circ, 2 author, 6 curricular need, and 5 reading level.  I 3 remember 5 being a long-haired 8 student in the seventies who 9 enriched my imagination with 7… Continue reading