An intention for the new year


Multi-colored candles burning
Photo by nrd on Unsplash
I have accumulated several small press chapbooks and collections of poetry written by friends that I have had every intention of reviewing, but simply haven’t yet. One of my goals for 2021 is to write a brief review for each and to post it to Goodreads and/or Amazon. Ten books now wait for me. In alphabetical order by author, they are:

  • Bruck, Ingrid. Finding Stella Maris. Flutterpress, 2019. Done.
  • Damacela, Lucia Orellana. Sea of Rocks. Unsolicited, 2018.
  • Hildebrand, Frederic. Northern Portrait. Kelsay, 2020. Done.
  • Lambert, Lynda McKinney. First Snow. Finishing Line, 2020. Done.
  • Leonard, Mary. The Dark Inside My Hooded Coat. Finishing Line, 2018.
  • Mars, Betsy. Alinea. Picture Show, 2019.
  • Page, Stephen. The Salty River Bleeds. Finishing Line, 2019. Done.
  • Robin, Elizabeth. Where Green Meets Blue. Finishing Line, 2018.
  • Shea, Cathryn. It’s Raining Lullabies. Dancing Girl, 2017.
  • Wright, Robin. Ready or Not. Finishing Line, 2019. Done.  

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