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Here are poems selected by editors for publication in their fine journals. My thanks to them, and for what they do to promote poetry. I am slowly reinserting the links lost when I transferred this page from blogger. Run your mouse over poem titles; active links will show as red text (depending upon your browser).

Publications from 2016-2019 are included below, organized alphabetically by poem title.

  1. Post-Procedure Prayer (6-10-28)
  2. After the Funeral Service (6-17-28)
  3. Four Hundred Roses (6-28-18)
  4.  “Three Poems by Peggy Turnbull:  ‘Where Prayers Go,’ ‘The Winter I Lived in a Basement,’ ‘Coloring Inside the Lines,’” in Communicators League.  January 20, 2017.
  5. Two Poems by Peggy Turnbull: “Kristallnacht, Again,” and “July Evening, West Virginia,” in Writers Resist,  April 19, 2018.

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