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On the Yoga Mat Again

Those arresting moments 
of light and darkness in my life
that mystify and fascinate me--
does anyone know for certain
that this earth, this time is all
we have? Artists and humanists 
sometimes share concepts they 
call quantum physics, indicating 
a universe beyond yet of us. I 
don't trust their translation of it, 
or my own paltry understanding,
yet I long for more than what our 
material world offers. So few 
myths satisfy. So on the yoga mat, 
when I turned to my left side, I 
thought, how do you know, Peggy, 
that what you have done and thought 
and worked on here and now does 
not influence something, a world 
beyond you? Haven't you sensed it
before--a love felt within and beyond 
your lifetime? When you held your
newborn child for the first time,
wasn't that love streaming in the 
window to your hospital room,
encompassing you and the babe
and the entire world? 
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