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We Don’t Always See Clearly Until We Move Closer

I have way more poems suitable for consideration in a manuscript than I realized. I still prefer chaps to a full-length collection. I love the thought of a book of poetry that is short enough to read in one or two sittings.

Possible title: Hippy Homesteaders and Other Strangers. For a book of persona poems. I am a Pink Lady Slipper, a miner, a ghost, an ex-addict, a hawk, the Manitowoc River, Aunt Mil, and a WWI naval officer. I would need at least 20-30 of them and I may not have enough yet. Also, they may not be cohesive enough, featuring as they do a jumble of characters from different locations and time periods.

Another theme might be the shorts–Summer Postcard Poems. Lots of those are ready. This is a possibility.

And wouldn’t it be fun to collect all the Buddhist-inspired poems? Though I only have about four of them. Still, I love them, I love that inspiration. That detachment and humor.

Still working at compiling my published and promising unpublished poems.

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