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April: Time to Move Outward

This year, April seems to be inviting me to get outside of myself, to leave the house and think beyond my own life and memories. For reasons I don’t know, I vowed to visit a creek or a river every day this month. I have no special purpose in mind; I just decided to spend time with flowing water and to open myself to its possibilities and concerns.

On April 1, 2022, I visited Silver Creek at Silver Lake Park in Manitowoc, accompanied by my husband. I participated in a New Moon Ceremony to Vision a World Beyond Fossil Fuels sponsored by Sacred Earth Activism. This involved respectfully taking a sample of water and offering it prayers and hopes for its present and future life. At the next full moon, participants will return their samples to the same place. 

Today has already been a spiritually powerful day in our household. After practicing the piano this morning, Bob suddenly retrieved an intensely emotional dream from his previous night’s sleep. At the same time that Bob’s dream revealed itself to him, I had a peaceful assurance that the spirits of my poetry teachers and mentors, both living and dead, both famous and unknown, would be attending the poetry program that I am co-hosting tomorrow. 

Here’s today’s visit.

A flooded Silver Creek from the bridge at the entrance to the park. 

Silver Lake, still partially frozen over, on a bright, cold day.

Silver Creek on the path we took around the perimeter of the park.

To the right, you can see the location where I filled my flask, an empty prescription pill container. That’s a lacy film of ice you see near the rock.

To the left see the container filled with water, displayed near some Frida Kahlo memorabilia. Considering how murky the water appeared in its natural setting, I didn’t expect the water to be this clean. The sample has no sediment and some bubbles have formed that suggest there’s oxygen in the water. It’s tempting me to seek out a water-sampling kit for amateurs to uncover some more of the water’s mysteries. 
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