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About Resurrection

Somewhere in the Seuss poems I read today I found the word resurrection and learned that Seuss rejected it as a term to apply to her own life, but when I reread the section later so that I could reference her usage here, it escaped me. Fled from my eagle-eyed pursuit.

I had worried that my use of resurrection in yesterday’s post would bring a frown to our bishop’s face, as happened when I tried to express to him my difficulty in envisioning God as an all-loving, all-caring being who can make all manner of things well. Yet it is the author herself who disagrees. 

This is delightful, as it is evidence that I am in conversation with Seuss through the poems in frank: sonnets.  

And so to this question for the universe: where oh where is the concordance that will allow those of us living through this poetry to find the words we seek in them and thereby gain back our souls? 

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