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Ten Things Seen On a Walk Today

  1. A Nordic Trac on the sidewalk, completely assembled, along with instructions for use
  2. Layers of clouds arranged in a way that formed a frame around the sun. 
  3. An aluminum fishing boat that putted in to the dock slowly, with a big white and black spotted Labradoodle standing on the bow.
  4. A snag on a hill covered with Pileated Woodpecker holes
  5. Two people walking a dachshund who tangled them in the leash
  6. A squirrel that seemed to be taking a dump
  7. The regular dock and the kayakers dock still in place for boaters
  8. Sheets and an old mattress pad draped over the wooden privacy fence in our backyard
  9. A woman sitting next to a man on a picnic table while he fished 
  10. A child’s bicycle laid flat on the grassy slope beyond the park.
A quiet day. 

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