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The Yellow Season: Birdsfoot Trefoil

It’s above 80 degrees F. The humidity is high and so is the ozone. After a simple walk, I’m covered in sweat. Days are hot; nights pop with fireworks. July is flashy, bright, intense. It’s full of yellow wildflowers.      

I think this is Birdsfoot Trefoil, or, Lotus corniculata. Because I am a beginner who relies solely upon guide books and state wildflower sites, I am inclined to conditionalize my identifications. These yellow flowers are curved, swollen beauties that remind me of a yellow lady slipper, though much smaller. They are immigrants from Europe, common in our neighborhood.  Through a camera, they look like fancy gold balloons floating among the greenery and above the sidewalk. (By the way, you may click on any of the photos to enlarge them.)

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