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Authors' Roundtable

I attended FestivALL’s Authors’ Roundtable today. FestivALL is the name of Charleston, West Virginia’s city-wide arts festival. I wanted to learn more about the present state of poetry in West Virginia and it is going strong. The four poets, Mary B. Moore, Elizabeth Savage, Cameron Barnett, and James Harms, were each remarkable, and the emcee, Marc Harshman, was an enthusiastic, genial host who kept the conversation interesting. None of these names (aside from Harshman’s), were known to me, but now I want to rush out and buy a copy of each poet’s books. That would amount to quite a few. 

Enthusiastic thumbs up for this program, which I would not have known about but for my Facebook addiction. Every time I want to quit I find some reason to stay.
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