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Wisconsin Poets Calendar, 2019

I received my contributor’s copy of the 2019 Wisconsin Poets Calendar at the WFOP (Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets) spring conference.  Since returning home, I’ve been paging through it.  The theme was “Celebrating Wisconsin People,” and the experience of reading the calendar feels like entering into the fellowship of cultures and heritages that comprise our state today.

I didn’t realize how much  joy I’d feel finding and reading the poems of poets I’ve met in workshops and at conferences over the years.  Beth Ann Workmaster, Pam Lewis, Eileen Mattman, Amy Phimister, Tad Phippen Wente, T.A. Cullen, Paul Cresswell–their beautiful poems bring me happiness!  I’m so pleased that the Fellowship sponsors this medium for reminding us of what we share.  Many thanks to Fabu, the editor.

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