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This Year in (My) Poetry

I worked on poetry in 2017.  I just wanted to learn more, understand what I didn’t know.  Like what a poem is.  How to improve, mostly.  So I took courses and continued to submit.  I wrote it down and was surprised.  It was a good year, my strongest yet.  Still, I fear running dry.  And yet, reading poetry has become a daily occurrence and it feeds me and fills me with awe.  Sometimes my stomach drops as if I am in the presence of the holy.  Sometimes that occurs several times a day.

Classes taken in 2017:

According to my submissions tracker, I submitted poems for publication 68 times in 2017 (some  were submitted more than once).  I have 25 acceptances.  Four submissions are still pending.  This is a personal best.  
In 2018 I hope to continue to take classes and attend workshops. I am not yet a mature poet and still have more breakthroughs to push through with the help of a teacher/mentor. I will be joining an online poetry study/critique group in January with a group of expressive, talented poets.  
But really, the lesson I learned in 2017 is that I love poetry.  I love to read poems.  I enjoy the company of poets.  Poetry shapes and transforms my thoughts and activities into meaning.  I’m an apprentice.  The struggle is worthy.      
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